Saturday, May 13, 2017

I've stopped apologizing

This blog is incorrect. Misleading and flat out lying to you. See, no longer is this blogger a highschool EMT student. I am, in fact, neither of those things. As of May 6th, I have finished highschool. As of April 13th, I am a licensed EMT. 

Yeah, I think it sounds weird, too. So will  continue blogging? Absolutely. I started off on this adventure to share my experiences in EMT school as an awkward, hopeful teenager. And I survived! I liked it so much, I'm taking more classes this summer. Any guesses?
If you said Anatomy and Physiology and Medical Terminology, you'd be right. My heart still skips a beat at the thought of freshly sharpened pencils and lots of new faces. It's not just me that thinks that, right? I'm fact, as I write this, I have arrived too early for my first A+P class, and immediately decided to come back and finish up this post. Its hard to reconcile the girl walking confidently into class today, with the shy, clueless senior that tiptoed into class last fall.
Little is the same anymore. But I haven't forgotten who I am, as some people do in highschool. Instead, I have found who I am. Here is where my next chapter starts.

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  1. I am so proud of you!! I have watched you transform into the confident young lady you have become. The intense burning desire to become an EMT is now a reality. I vividly remember when it was just a dream, then as the years went on, the excitement of turning 17 so you could FINALLY take the EMT course. Then the craziness of trying to balance your senior year of high school, EMT course at NIACC, and your job at Culver's. I knew you were strong and could learn to figure out how to balance them all. Now, it's May and you have successfully completed your high school year and have become a certified EMT. Most importantly to me, is the fact that amongst the craziness, you made it a priority to learn how to seek God on your own. You learned that without God, we are nothing, but, with God, we can do whatever he has called us to do!! I KNOW God has amazing plans for you. Daddy and I have given you our blessing to go serve Him wherever he has called you. Always remember that we are on your side. We love you immensely. Go do hard things. Go find solutions. Remember to always keep your love on 😉, because life will beat you up at times, but, God makes a way out of no way!! With all my love, Mom😘