Thursday, December 1, 2016

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Winter Break is looming around the corner, and with it; ER clinicals.  So I thought I'd start a new project on here.  Reflect on the first half of EMT class, and anticipate what's coming up in Exploring.

For Exploring, I am looking into competitions, and what they entail. Multiple posts meet for an event that lasts all day; competing in everything from gear donning and CPR to Public Speaking. Hopefully, we can start training soon!

For EMT class, we're learning 'lifting and moving.' And with half of the class having years of experience, and the other half having zero, things can get interesting. But there's a middle ground to be found. For us, it's Keith. You know that guy?  The guy you swear is the only sane person in the room? Yeah, I found him. A paramedic for years, he is re-certifying after his license expired.
His humble, unflappable personality keeps my sky-high anxiety on the ground.

Tonight, we'll laugh, listen, and hopefully learn how to keep our patients off of the grass, and on the cot.  

-side note- I'll try to post pics soon!

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